Process & Methodology

UX design process can be divided into four key phases: user research, design, testing, and implementation. While the UX design process does typically take place in that order, it's important to note that UX is an iterative process.

UX Design Process (Granular)

User experience aims to provide positive experiences that keep a user loyal to the product or brand. Additionally, a meaningful user experience allows you to define customer journeys on your product that are most conducive to business success.

UX design involves the design of the entire process of acquiring and integrating the product, including aspects of branding, design, usability and function.

Ui Design Process

The UI design process and UI design methodology prioritize the usability of a product, ensuring that users can easily navigate and understand the interface. Usability plays a crucial role in user satisfaction, retention, and overall product success.

Acquisition of new customers
Increased customer engagement & retention
Brand loyalty
Increased productivity
Lower development and training costs
Lower customer support costs


The greater insight into the competition, the greater the competitor edge. Positioning the company relationship to the competition is both a marketing and a design imperative.